Deneb – hemp bread bag


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The bread bag is a portable breadbasket. You can enjoy a meal outside or in your favorite place. Washing it easy, and when you don’t use it, you can fold it compactly and store it.

Materials – hemp, grain
Dimensions – W16, D:12, H:24(cm)
Colors – White

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Providing and long-lasting freshly baked bread
Hemp fabric is a cloth that breathes well, thus allowing the moderately hot air from the freshly baked bread to escape and ensuring that the savoury texture of the bread’s surface is not affected by moisture unlike a bread wrapped in plastic.

Wash & Care of Hemp Fabrics
Please see the laundering instruction below. You can’t wash the pouch stuffed with grain.


Each time hemp is washed it constantly reveals new surfaces, usually becoming softer with use. Given reasonable care it will render a lifetime of service.

Hemp generally will get softer with use and after each wash. If you need to speed up this process then a commercial softener may be used. Another way to soften hemp is to do a hot water wash followed by a tumble dry, repeat these two steps two or three times.

After conventional machine washing use a fast spin, then hot iron while the hemp is still damp. This makes for ease of ironing and will maintain appearance. Use a hot iron. Hemp easily handles extreme temperatures.

Weight 499 g


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